Our Mission

To provide holistic, individualized, evidence-based treatment and social service support to people in need.

Our Vision

To create sustainable and positive changes in the lives and in the communities that we serve.

About Brightside

Brightside Clinic dedicates itself to providing comprehensive and evidence-based treatment to those in need. Our treatment is tailored and customized to help our clients succeed.

Client Values

Clients are important to us. Your mental health, your physical health and your overall well-being is important. We see ourselves as a pivotal partner in your success. As such, we are committed to providing you with support, listening to your needs, assisting you with your development all while making sure we are offering you sustainable treatment options, encouraging supportive and positive relationships and linking you with beneficial partnerships within your community.

Provide support


Listen with empathy


Assist with development


Promote sustainability


Encourage positive relationships


Develop community linkages

Team Values

Brightside is a team. Everyone is interconnected; from the services we provide, the administrative support we offer and the clients we serve. Collaboration is key. We take the work we do very seriously. We hire the very best staff, provide the very best training, and hold our staff to the highest standards. We live by three very simple values:

Promotes a positive work culture:

We promote positivity and transparency in a supportive environment.

Encourages professional development:

Roughly 85% of our staff are enrolled in an educational program in addition to receiving on-going professional development training from Brightside.

Encourage team environment:

Brightside team members work from interrelated workflows that promote teamwork and colleague support.

A Word from our CEO

We focus on working together to provide quality care efficiently when a client needs it the most. Our team looks not only at the client and his or her immediate challenges but also at his or her environment. Difficult home situations and social conditions can also influence the challenges surrounding the client. We aim to address all factors affecting our clients in order to create a supportive community aimed to improve their well-being.


Evon Roquemore


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